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Webcam Security

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Protecting Your Online Privacy with Webcam Covers


People should know that there are a lot of hackers who could access your webcam without your permission.  Hacking an internet-enabled device to gain access to webcams is now a reality that people should take heed to.   With your webcam open and exposed, it is possible for a hacker to record whatever can be seen through you webcam at this very moment.  Is your laptop open when you are getting dressed in the room?  Do you always leave your Smartphone or tablet facing upwards when you lay it down on a table?  When a hacker is able to access you webcam, he can record what the camera can see and it can be made public by the hacker.    It is a way of self-protection to cover your webcam when it is not in use.


Privacy stickers can be bought from a reputable company which you can put over your webcam and which can be taken off when you are using your camera.  This sticker can cover webcam in any device like phones, computers, tablets, and any other devices that has a camera.  Clean first the area where the sticker is going to be placed.  It is very simple to attach it, you just need to peel off the sticker and place it on your device.  If you want to use the webcam, simply remove the sticker and place it back in the sheet.  You can buy different sticker colors and sticker designs.


MacBook owners can buy this special webcam cover which is a magnetic metal strip.  Whether your laptop is open or close, it simply stays on your computer.  It is still easy to use your webcam with this metal strip because it has an opening in the middle.  Sliding the strip left or right blocks the webcam.


A Velcro type webcam cover is also very useful to protect you privacy with  your gadgets.  This Velcro type of webcam cover comes off easily when you want to use it and you simply need to attach it back when you are done using the camera.


Here are some tips on how to secure your webcam from possible hackers. Check this post at and read about webcam for your PC.


It is important that you review your antivirus software to keep your gadgets from being vulnerable.


Always disconnect a USB camera if you are not using it.  Hackers cannot touch a disconnected device.


Strange email messages should not be opened.  To keep malware away from your gadgets, make sure you don't open emails that may contain it.


Never click links which are shortened.  You don't know if these links may contain malware that can harm your device. Click here for interesting facts.